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Prepaid VoIP Billing

AgileVoice supports billing for prepaid VoIP services such in the wholesale, retail, or online-only scenarios.

Flexible prepaid authentication scenarios include:

  • PIN based (calling card) Code Authentication
  • ANI based (caller id) Authentication
  • SIP or IAX based (for Softphones, IP Phones, and VoIP terminal adapters) Authentication

Billing Prepaid VoIP Services Overview

AgileVoice is extremely flexible and will enable you to automate prepaid calling card sales via the client portal based portion of the software which is hosted on your webserver. Your clients will be able to select their prepaid type (PIN, ANI, or SIP/IAX) and the charge amount, and pay online in realtime. They will be sent their authentication information via e-mail, and will also receive an e-mail notification when the balance reaches a preset level.

The customer can return at any time and purchase more prepaid accounts or replenish an existing prepaid account. If they replenish their prepaid account, the balance will be recalculated and updated immediately after payment.

prepaid voip flowchart

Prepaid IVR Prompts

All the IVR prompts for informing the user of his balance, the amount of minutes available for the present call, as well as any needed prompts and feedback are included in the AgileVoice prepaid solution. The user can also dial an extension to receive their current balance without making a call.

Security and Monitoring

AgileVoice checks that the prepaid account is not already in use before allowing new outgoing calls to ensure the user does not cheat the system. It continues to check the account balance during the call and will hang up when the balance reaches zero. AgileVoice supports expiration dates, which can be set to take effect from the first time a prepaid account is used.

Prepaid Customer Area

AgileVoice enables your prepaid customers to register, select their own username and password for the AgileVoice customer area, and self-administrate all aspects of their account. They can use the same login to manage all their prepaid accounts so the user experience is friendly and flexible.

For more details, see the VoIP Client Features .

Wholesale Bulk PIN Generation

Our pin code generation allows you to set an expiry date and calling access will be blocked based even if there is a remaining balance on the card. If the customer replenishes an existing pin number, this expire date is recalculated from the replenish date.

AgileVoice also enables calling card wholesalers to sell and generate bulk pin numbers and export them to XLS, CSV, or XML for delivery to the wholesale buyer after payment.

Why Use AgileVoice Prepaid?

We are a full service company and can offer the consulting, support, training, and installation services needed to get your prepaid VoIP billing automated quickly.

Please contact us today for more details - we are sure our prepaid voip billing and provisioning solution will fit your current needs and budget and scale to fit your needs as your business grows. We offer turn-key solutions and will not leave you stranded looking for missing pieces elsewhere.

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