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Postpaid VoIP Billing

AgileVoice supports Postpaid VoIP billing and integrates with Asterisk, SER, and other softswitches for realtime rating of CDRs and account creation on the switch.

Comliance with international standards such as ITU and e.164 enable our postpaid rating engine to rate and bill all international and local calls. In addition to our postpaid billing solution, we also offer prepaid billing support for business models that need the flexibility of both prepaid and postpaid billing.

Our Postpaid billing solution will enable you to automate the provisioning of residential, business, or wholesale termination via the AgileVoice PHP/MySQL administration portal which is hosted on your webserver. Customers can access the client side of AgileVoice use the order wizard to select a postpaid plan and available DIDs for their desired service area will be dynamically generated from the DID pool. The client can pay for their new service online and will be e-mailed a order confirmation as well as their VoIP authentication information for the SIP or IAX voip service they purchased.

For a more detailed description of the functionality available to the client in the user portal of the postpaid billing solution, see VoIP Client Features.

We can offer the consulting, training, and implementation services you require for a turn-key VoIP billing solution. Please contact us today with your needs - we are sure our postpaid voip billing and provisioning solution will fit your current needs and budget and scale to fit your needs as your business grows.

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