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VoIP Billing Solutions

Optional Modules Offered

Reporting — Powerful reporting and graph functionality integrated with AgileISP for sales, revenue, and other statistics.

Radius Billing and Provisioning — Radius provisioning for any Radius based service including ISP, WISP, Wi-Fi, and HotSpot Services.

Affiliates & Campaigns — Operate an integrated affiliate program up to 99 tiers deep and automate commission payouts. Serve up banner campaigns and track statistics in real-time.

Digital Goods & Content Protection — Protect dynamic and static content such as streaming, web services, and downloads. Free, one-time, and recurring pricing models are supported.

Web Hosting & Domains — Instantaneous provisioning of web hosting accounts and domain names. Automate web hosting and domain administration tasks with ease.

Support Tickets — Unlimited staff members and departments configurable for handling support tickets. Limit ticket creation privileges based on client’s purchases.

Database Mapping — Integrates with many popular CMS, forum, CRM, and other 3-rd party applications. Centralizes billing and user authentication across multiple applications/databases.

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