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AgileVoice Network Layouts and Requirements

There are any number of possible network scenarios that AgileVoice can work in, and the main deciding factors are:

  • Required Features
  • Redundancy and Scalability Requirements
  • Concurrent Call Volume
  • Budget

We have built a VoIP Calculator that will take all the above variables and return the appropriate version of AgileVoice as well as the required hardware, OS, number of servers, and bandwidth to maintain quality of service.

Please review the document we have prepared that showcases several example network layouts designed to meet various combinations of the above criteria. AgileVoice Network Layouts (pdf)

We are a full service company and are available for network planning and can offer service as part of our implementation.

AgileVoice Standard System Requirements

The following are the system requirements and recommendations. AgileVoice is web-based so the main requirements are any webserver running PHP and MySQL. Both these technologies are stable, freely available, and widely implemented.

  • PHP 4.3 or greater
  • MySQL 4.0 or greater recommended (older versions may work but will run slower)
  • Ioncube Loaders for PHP (we can install if needed)
  • Curl (only if you will be connecting in realtime to a gateway for credit card processing)
  • We highly discourage the presence of any type of control panel as this will sometimes impede the installation process or outright make installation impossible.

AgileVoice Professional System Requirements

The following are the supported operating systems for our Professional version, should you decide to "Go Pro" and take full advantage of all AgileVoice Professional features. These requirements are in addition to the requirements listed above for the Standard version.

If you are interested in having the source code required to run the Professional version compiled for use on other operating systems, please contact us with your system information and product requirements for a quote.

Asterisk Requirements

The following requirements apply in order for interfacing with Asterisk for Call Rating and SIP/IAX Account Provisioning:

  • Asterisk 1.2.4 or better.
  • Provisions to sip.conf, iax.conf, extensions.conf, voicemail.conf
  • CDRs are read from Master.csv file located in /var/log/asterisk/csv-cdr/Master.csv

In addition to these requirements, the Professional Version requires the following:

  • Fax provisioning in extensions.conf via RxFax() application. This requires spandsp and the additional application support inside of Asterisk. All fax capabilities require (Digium) TDM Zaptel hardware to operate as faxing over VoIP protocols do not exist in Asterisk at this time.
  • Professional calling features use a dialplan Macro in extensions.conf
  • Calling name and number require an account with
  • Conferencing requires TDM Zaptel hardware for timing

From a hardware standpoint, please use our VoIP Calculator for hardware requirements for Asterisk. Please note that these figures are only low estimates based on our observation, and the calls are defined as simultaneous ZAP/SIP/IAX with possible transcoding. For more in depth data, see this article: Asterisk VoIP Dimensioning and Bandwidth.

Asterisk Downloads

We have made our pre-compiled version of Asterisk 1.2.4 available in RPM format. This version of Asterisk includes support for fax2email (PDF conversion of the TIF), spandsp, nv_faxdetect, txfax, etc. In addition, it also includes our own additions to the software to support template based HTML voicemail and fax email notifications. These RPMs will work without AgileVoice, but were designed to best interoperate with AgileVoice Professional. For our Asterisk RPMs and downloads please see our Asterisk RPM download options.


SER Requirements

In order for us to implement SER, the following requirements apply in order for interfacing AgileVoice with SER for Call Rating and SIP account provisioning:

  • SER version 0.11.0 or better with MySQL database support.
  • Provisions to the standard SER MySQL database tables.
  • CDRs are read from the MySQL acc table. We require both INVITE and BYE messages to be recorded. We do require an additional field be added, so that we can flag which records have been previously imported in to AgileVoice.
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