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DID Pool Management & Plugins

AgileVoice VoIP Billing can manage DID pool lists, whether they be entered manually or updated in realtime from a did provider that offers an API to obtain and reserve DIDs.

Once a number has been entered into the AgileVoice DID pool, it will be available on the ordering page for any service that has been enabled for the country and area the DID is located. This gives the VoIP provider the ability to offer different service levels for different areas, as their actual cost to obtain the DID may vary from one region or country to another.

We offer optional DID plugins for several DID Providers, and and provide you with a quote if you need a plugin integrated for another DID provider.

Supported DID Providers

DIDX.ORG - an online number exchange for DID numbers, with a large stock of DID numbers from all over the world.

Magrathea Telecom - Magrathea are a leading provider in the UK of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions, offers DID numbers from the UK.

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